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Past and current student-run projects that have graduated or in the process of the incubator program hosted by Z2O.

Third Power Beauty

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When she learned that over 552 million shampoo bottles enter landfills every year, Elizabeth Sheluga set out to invent an environmentally-friendly alternative to normal shampoo. Liquid shampoo is up to 90% water and comes in a bulky plastic bottle. After months of formulating and testing, Elizabeth created Shampoo³—solid, single-wash shampoo cubes that are made without water and packaged without plastic.  Shampoo³ is easy to use. Just wet your hair and hands, crush a cube between your palms, and then rub your hands together until it starts to lather, adding more water if needed. It’s a simple swap for anyone who wants to make their shower routine more sustainable. With the mission of reducing beauty's impact on the environment, Elizabeth founded Third Power Beauty.



GayKea is a student-alumni ecosystem that fosters mentorship and reduces students' financial stress due to tuition by enabling transparent and personalized alumni giving. We are a self-sustainable through the chain of giving, offering our trust, transparency and personalization. Our platform is tech focused and we also offer mentorship.

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Closet keeping to keep track of clothes and pick out OOTD and also find niche brands that people want to shop.

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THC Café

Combining the familiarity, comfort, and socialization of a café with THC infused products, making the drug less intimidating. The café includes an experience of art kits, music rooms, and media.

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intelligent lyric suggestion and natural language evaluation to enhance lyric quality and catalyze creative progress.



Connecting college students with a passion for music and teaching with children looking to start their musical journey, essentially receiving lessons from young experts.


platform for selling souvenir items.

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The Home Cook

Local, home cooked meals from every cuisine to your doorstep.



helping rural farmers in India with financials.


Satin-Lined Beanies

Beanie selling business with silk lining to prevent itching.

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Quick Coffee

Easy on-the-go coffee making vendor.



platform for musicians to display live shows and events.



A college-specific dating app that matches you through ice breaker games.


Helping cyclists and drivers truly share the road with facing lights and alarms embedded in the road.

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