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Yei Tangchartsiri

Q: “Can you give a quick introduction about yourself?”

Yei is a nickname, but my name is Kanin which is Thai, so I actually grew up in the suburbs of Bangkok which was an interesting experience and I came here for college.

My friends think I’m pretty whack, kind of an ape, and honestly I pretend to have my life together, but I really don’t. I guess if you can describe me in three words just personally it would be whack, monkey, and boba because I probably have too much of that. I kind of go off the rails a little bit. You’re here to work hard, play hard, so one thing for me is that wherever we’re working we go all out and any time other than that we go all out too, so that’s a life motto I go by right now.

Q: “What was your original motivation in joining Z2O? Has that changed now that you’re a part of this community?”

For me, I was one of the first members of Zero2One, so this is the time when Johnny, Peter, and Gene got together. I was actually invited to be a venture director, so we started our own thing, but it fell apart. Beyond that, I guess Johnny saw something in me and asked me to be the outreach director and I took him up on that opportunity. I saw the club literally go from zero to one. One thing is for sure, the people in this team are the reason I stayed. Working with the people who are just as hardworking as I am is honestly really inspiring and I gain a lot out of it everyday.

Q: “How has Z2O affected you personally?”

When I first joined Z2O, my initial goal was to focus down on tech. I was going to go out there and focus completely on the engineering side. After doing Z2O, I realized I would rather have interaction with people in teams. Z2O has essentially flipped my goals. It made me realize I wanted a career shift. There’s a lot of value in exploring things that aren’t your major. I want to focus on the tech but I also want to focus on the people.

Q: “What was your most memorable experience/project/moment in Z2O?”

Honestly, just in terms of outreach, we’ve done a lot, but the best project I ever had was last semester and I took on Kim, Aditya, and Ben. One thing for us was we managed to cultivate that outreach team into a mini-community. Right now we’re very very close friends, all five of us. I was able to cultivate those relationships and friendships. For me, that’s probably one of the most meaningful things I’ve done here at Zero2One on a more personal level. Obviously you can always talk about the x workshop or y workshop but ultimately for me it’s the relationships you build and that to me that is something that was really impactful.

A turning point that I had I think was when Kim approached me and said “You don’t have to be professional all the time, we can be friends.” At one point, I basically treated them as coworkers because it was easier for me that way. After she approached me to do that, that kind of shook me to my core, because I realized people can be more than coworkers. From then on out, I learned that people do better that way because people really get to enjoy the company of the people they work with.

Q: “What is your favorite thing about being a part of Z2O’s community?”

Within the team, no one is out there to climb a social ladder, but more so you're there to grow and learn together. Part of it is we are a small exec team, and on the exec team side you definitely feel at home and you’re doing significant work, but you’re not feeling pressured to always perform well. People do meaningful work, but it’s never at the expense of someone else.

Q: “What’s your definition of success and how has Z2O contributed to that?”

To me success isn’t really success if you don't have people to celebrate with you. One thing Zero2One has done really well is that after every milestone, we have our party parrot channel where we all celebrate and go crazy. One’s success for one person is success for everyone else in Zero2One and I think that’s something that is really well emphasized here. It’s a win win.

Q: “What do you hope to see in the future for this club?”

I probably want to grow the outreach team, because you can always do more. One thing for us as a team is to grow up and spearhead the process. Hopefully, by the time I graduate, we can do bigger and better things.

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