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Tina Lopez

Q: “To start off, can you introduce yourself?”

My name is Tina and I am a senior(finally) in Finance. I am a venture coordinator for the Zero2One programs.

We help create mentorship programs between the VCs and VD’s and create panels. We had a VC panel where all the VCs can introduce themselves and tell each other what they do. Our goal is to close the gap because being an entrepreneur and a student can be definitely difficult so getting advice from experienced individuals is what we plan to do. I am both the coordinator and the VC myself.

Q: “What have you gained out of your experience in Z2O?”

A benefit of Zero2One is the community. When I first came to Zero2One, it was not as big as it is right now, and it’s been awesome to see it grow to where it is now. I came here as a transfer student, so I was not familiar with the whole RSO process and was really looking for an entrepreneurship organization that I could join because as an entrepreneur myself it was really hard to find those individuals and I came across Zero2One on a Facebook post and I asked: “Hey, can I join?”. When I first joined, I really loved it because I was able to interact with individuals who get entrepreneurship. To be part of a community that really gets you, I think is one of the main reasons I decided to stay in Zero2One.

Q: “What is your favorite thing about being a part of Z2O’s community?”

A lot of people think entrepreneurship is glorious, which it can be, but it is a lot of work in the beginning. When I tell people I have a difficult problem, people are always willing to help. They offer resources or even just the network itself of Z2O is so big. The community is always willing to help and introduce us to the network or individuals. The people at Z2O genuinely want to help and genuinely care about what you’re working on. Z2O is truly a place for entrepreneurs to come together.

Q: “What’s your definition of success and how has Z2O contributed to that?”

Success for me in an entrepreneurship sense is getting more time. I’ve had different businesses that were very time-sensitive and am slowly transitioning in passive business models. Z2O has definitely seen me evolve going from a credit coaching business to an amazon medium and a new crypto business. Z2O has been part of the growing process and people are genuinely interested in what I’m doing. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes get lonely and sometimes people don’t get it or people think it’s weird, but it’s not. People are genuinely very interested and willing to give feedback which genuinely gives me joy.

Beyond my current role with Zero2One, moving forward I just want to be connected as alumni of Z2O. I want to donate and give back because I know it’s such an awesome organization/community because they personally have helped so much.

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