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We are a passionate and dynamic group of entrepreneurs, mentors, and experts dedicated to fostering innovation, nurturing budding startups, and accelerating their journey from zero to one. Located at the heart of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) campus, our incubator prides itself on providing a vibrant ecosystem that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their
bold ideas into successful, scalable businesses. As a collaborative community, we strive to empower, inspire, and guide each founder on their entrepreneurial odyssey, leveraging our diverse expertise, industry connections, and unwavering support to shape the next generation of game-changing startups.

Arhan Goyal


Keerthana Nallamotu


Arshia Ajmera


Sharanya Bhardwaj

Director of Community

Kishan Challagulla

Director of Software Development

Payal Rathore

Director of Outreach

Khushee Shah

Director of Marketing

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Join us and help us grow the spirit of entreprenuership at UIUC. Ready to take the leap?