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Zero2One is a student-run venture incubator and a 501(c)(3) non-profit at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign empowering aspiring student entrepreneurs to launch startup, nonprofit, and business ventures. After going through a rigorous boot camp, build sprint, and demo day, Zero2One members find co-founders, assimilate into a supportive community of student founders, and ultimately take their most impactful ideas from zero to one!

About Us

Our goal is simple:

take ideas from zero to one.

About: About

Why We Started

  • Students have the potential to stride beyond school extracurriculars and side projects and launch real impactful ventures such as startups, businesses, and nonprofits

  • Students face many barriers that prevent or discourage them from launching these ventures. These include:

    • Trouble finding the right teammates 

    • Lack of diverse feedback, expertise, and perspectives given from peers in other disciplines

    • Lack of community support during difficult times

    • Lack of easy access towards mentorship

    • Lack of experience in entrepreneurship

  • Essential skills and mindsets such as leadership, communication, team management, grit, decision making, empathy, and ambition are learned most effectively by starting and leading one’s own venture.


  • Z2O big picture:

    • Community

      • The place where the most entrepreneurial leaders are at

      • The place where you can find strong cofounders

      • All execs have strong skills in their respective fields. Each person is famous for their specific skills. Capable of being consultants for startups.

      • A friendly and genuine community. 

    • Initiative

      • Full of doers who constantly think about what we can do next.

      • Goal-oriented. We get things done.

    • Ambition

      • The powerhouse of strong startup teams -> ex: going into big accelerators and getting huge investments.

      • Collaboration with big entrepreneurship programs for the best resources. Many options for alumni to do next.

      • Host large scale professional events, such as Demo Day, startup competitions, and big-name speaker events.

      • Successful alumni give back to the community and recruit interns/full time directly.

      • Spread to multiple universities across the country while keeping a high-quality community. Networking with entrepreneurial students from many different locations.

Why Join Zero2One?

  • Main Focus:

    • Meet potential co-founders

    • Receive constant support and feedback from a diverse group of really motivated students

    • Gain easy access to mentorship from successful startup founders and industry leaders

  • More Benefits:

    • Idea development and evaluation to help you kickstart your own venture

    • Receive seed funds from Zero2One Demo Day 

    • Learn applicable skills through professional workshops

    • Network and build strong bonds with like-minded individuals

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